Minister's cabinet

Office of the Minister | Office of the Minister

Office of the Minister performs advisory and protocol tasks, tasks related to public relations and administrative and technical tasks of importance for the Minister’s work. Chief of staff manages the work and operations of the Office.           

The Office produces detailed plans, arranges and monitors realization of Minister’s activities in the country and abroad, processes letters sent by the third persons to the Minister with the aim to successfully realize Minister’s activities and achieve strategic goals of the Ministry.

In the public relations domain, the Office prepares and realizes the information platform for media representatives and the general public on the Minister’s activities and promotes the results achieved by the Ministry.

The Office maintains daily direct communication with the interested parties in the country and abroad (orally and in writing), by phone: +381 11 33 98 172, +381 11 33 98 172 and by e-mail:

Telephone line for communication with media representatives: +381 11 33 98 811 and e-mail address:

E-mail address for communication about information available on the Ministry website and social networks:

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