Secretary of MoCaI

Igor Jovičić | Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information

He was born 16th February 1964 in Zagreb where he finished the Elementary School and Fifth Grammar School. He graduated at the Faculty of Law, the University of Zagreb in 1989 (thesis: Loan contract) and got Master degree and the same Faculty. He passed Bar Exam in Belgrade in 1996.

Work experience :

  • Editor for the social, economic and legal subjects, also the assistant director of the legal department and human resources for commercial operations, Public Company Institute for Textbooks, January 2013 – September 2013.
  • State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence, June 2007- July 2012 (coordinating legislative activities under the jurisdiction of the MOD as well as the affairs related to personnel, social and pension insurance, veterans and the disabled care, housing education and training of the MOD and SAF personnel, conscription, work and material duty, democratic and civilian control, religious service, labor union forming by the professional members of the SAF, privacy, confidentiality and protection of personal information).

Served as Chairman of the Military Academy Board, Chairman of the MOD Personnel Committee, member of the Commission for decorations of the President of the Serbia, member of the Council of Relations with Serbs in the Region, member of the Serbian National Council for Co-operation with the ICTY, member of the Defense Planning Committee as well as the Scientific Research Committee, acted as the Republic Serbia representative at various international conferences and meetings in the relevant field of responsibility.

  • Chief of the Cabinet of CEO of DDOR ''Novi Sad'' a.d.o. 2006 – 2007
  • Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, 2003-2006
  • Deputy Secretary General of the Federal Government, 2000-2003 (preparing and organizing Government sessions, as well as other affairs defined by the Government Rules of Procedures)
  • Federal administrative inspector, Ministry of Justice, 1997-2000 (supervision over the legitimity of acts and the work of state administrative organs, inspection over law enforcement and the work of state administrative organs and work duties, cases related to citizens' claiming their rights before state organs and regulations on office management and keeping files)
  • Secretary of mixed joint stock company «PKB Biopak», Beograd, 1994 -1997
  • Senior fellow expert on agreements and contracts in the sector for legal and general affairs of PKB Corporation, Belgrade 1994
  • Company secretary «PKB Bezbednost» Belgrade, 1993-1994
  • Expert fellow in the section for legal affairs of the PKB Corporation, Belgrade 1992-1993
    Attorney trainee 1991-1992
  • Judge trainee in the District Court in Zagreb 1989-1991


  • Venetian Committee, Council of Europe : Control of executive government: judiciary, parliamentary and ombudsman, Trieste, September 2001,
  • British Association For Central and Eastern Europe: Forum for New Serbia, Refugees Integrations, London, July 2002
  • US Department of State, USA: Responsibility in state administration and management, US , September 2004
  • Ecole Nationale d' administration, Republique Francaise: Public government and human resources management, Belgrade – Paris, October 2005 – June 2006

He speaks English.

Married,  father of two children. 

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