Ministry secretariat

Ministry Secretariat | Ministry Secretariat

Ministry Secretariat performs tasks pertaining to the human resources, financial and information issues, internal units’ coordination and cooperation with other bodies.

            Department for Administrative and Legal Affairs and Public Procurements performs tasks pertaining to: employment and legal status of public officers, civil servants and appointees; maintenance of records on public officers, civil servants and appointees; human resources’ training and development and proposals of measures for HR development promotion; production of annual work program and reports on the work of the Ministry; organization and implementation of public procurement procedures; drafting of public procurements’ plan for the Ministry; cooperation with the Public Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Serbia and other bodies and organizations in relation to the initiated court actions; consolidation of opinions on draft laws and regulations prepared by other state administration bodies; preparation of draft opinions on laws and other general acts proposed by Members of Parliament and other duly authorized bodies; examining and preparing agreements on general acts on method of work and number and structure of staff in cultural institutions within the remit of the Ministry; drafting decisions on appointments and dismissals in cultural institutions within the remit of the Ministry, as well as other tasks within the remit of this Department. 

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